Speyside Region | Craigeallachie Distillery | 15 Years | Single-Cask | Non-Chill Filtered | 700ml | 51.6% Vol

Dating back to the 12th century in Scotland, the Scottish Lion originated with King William I, also known as William the Lion. King William had once said “Nemo me impune lacessit” (No one attacks me with impunity), signifying the burly Scottish people’s indomitable character. This national spirit runs not only in the blood of the Scottish people, but also in the rivers of “liquid gold” Scotch whisky.

The Lion is fierce and brave, and is often regarded as the king of all beasts. A ruler is often referred to as a Lion, and it is hoped that any ruler would possess all these excellent qualities worthy of praise. The 15th Century Beast Single Malt Whisky, the Lion, also carries this symbol, the Speyside Sherry Cask is known as the ruler of whisky. We bring this “liquid gold” to China – old aged, limited edition, not to be missed!

Craigellachie distillery is one of the most iconic distilleries in the history of Scotch Whisky. It was called the “Old Fashioned Whisky” in 1891. The unique rock flavor sets it apart from other Speyside distilleries, and the unique whisky is more mellow.

The Lion from 15th Century Beast