15th Century Beast

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Made in Scotland

The 15th Century Beast series is a Scotch Whisky product, produced and bottled from various exclusive sources in Scotland.


The 15th Century Beast collection brings together four beasts across popular Scottish and Chinese Culture, the Unicorn and Lion from Scotland and the Phoenix and Dragon from China. This series provides four of the best and uniquely balanced flavour profiles from across Scotland to compliment Chinese pallets.


During the 15th century, people imagined that mystical animals lived among us, beyond the known world. Artists let their imaginations run wild in depicting powerful unknown creatures, and their tales continue to live on to this day. This is also when the earliest historical reference to Scotch whisky (then referred to as Aqua Vitae) was recorded. The 15th Century Beast series revives these ancient stories in the form of known 21st century tales and inspired flavours of Scotch whisky.








Available for purchase by any country

Single casks

Each cask of 15th Century Beast is carefully selected to fit the ideal flavour profile, which results in a unique tasting experience

Non-chill filtered & non-coloured

We believe in sourcing the highest quality whisky, which is why our whisky is non-chill filtered and non-coloured resulting in the purest form of end result

Rare & luxury

Each cask of whisky is completely unique and rare so our customers can have the ultimate whisky collectable and tasting experience